About us



BINOM is a young, modern, rapidly developing trading company from the South of Russia. All employees of the company have a huge work experience in large specialized companies, thanks to which BINOM feels confident in the market and step by step shows a noticeable increase in all indicators.



The main objective of the company is market analysis, search and effective adaptation to the needs of the population of Russia and CIS countries of goods produced in China and Turkey. Adaptation includes the selection of design and functionality appropriate to the taste of the consumers, as well as the replacement of components according to the climatic and operational characteristics of the sales markets and in strict accordance with the regulations and legislation of the EAEU. After that, the Binom company provides a full cycle of direct deliveries of the developed product to the markets.

 At the moment, the main our product groups are:

- Home appliances: large and small household appliances;

- Equipment for trade business: freezing


- Climatic technics;

- Bicycle and motorcycle vehicles, generators, etс

  1. B2B

The great successful experience in the development and supply of goods from foreign manufacturers allows to Binom to offer its intermediary services to other companies in Russia and the EAEU countries. The company's workers help our partners in search of the best products and manufacturers, ensure the quick preparation of products for delivery and organize the optimal logistics. We provide services at all stages: from the registration of own trademark, to the receipt of goods at the customer's warehouse and its subsequent service support. Our clients are large regional retail chains of household appliances and bicycle shops, as well as construction companies-developers. We are ready to help our partners with the import of any product with the greatest benefit. Thanks to our successful work in B2B, we can also guarantee large and growing step-by-step orders from our suppliers.


One of the most important direction of our activity is online retail on the marketplaces. We have constant contacts with the final users of our products, we learn about the trends and markets desires online. We also have the opportunity of promptly adjustments of design, functionality and can inform our manufacturers about the needs for technical corrections in the design of goods, in case of detection of mass wishes from our customers. Thanks to this feedback channel, our manufacturing partners also have the opportunity to be aware of market needs almost instantly.






"Esperanza" is translated from Spanish as "hope", "expectation", "anticipation". Cities and towns, discoverers' ships and even a scientific station in Antarctica were called by this name. The ESPERANZA appliances can justify any hopes and surpass even the highest expectations. Under this trademark, we supply home appliances of the middle price segment, characterized by thoughtful design and modern functionality.



BINOM is the official and the only one distributor of LUXELL appliances in Russia. Luxell TM belongs to the largest Turkish household appliance manufacturing company KUMTEL DAYANIKLI TÜKETIM MALLARI PLS. SAN. ve TİC. AŞ with which we are in partnership. Under this trademark, we sell affordable, modern home appliances, directly from the Turkish manufacturer, and from other OEM manufacturers from China and other countries.



Our new trademark for household appliances and vehicles, which should become the most budget in the family of our trademarks. So that absolutely each resident of our country can realize his dream of modern and high-quality household appliances. After all, the word "MECHTA" is translated from Russian as "Dream".



We have developed this trademark specially for wheeled vehicles. It is intended for people who love sports, and active lifestyle. Our bicycles and other NRG Bikes vehicles are designed to be the embodiment of modern design and technology. At the same time, the vehicles should be affordable in price and ease of use.


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